Low Frequency Travel Agency

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This is a mix of site #2 of Low Frequency Travel Agency by Nelly Kate Anderson, produced by Benjamin Thorp at Black Iris Gallery Richmond, VA.

Part urban guide and part de´rive Low Frequency Travel Agency provides citizens a sonic key and custom map to Richmond Virginia. Portable listening devices come equipped with instructions and guides and are available for checkout through the gallery. Participants are directed to specific locations and encouraged to re- imagine the city through engaged listening.

Nelly Kate Anderson has created a series of works that swirl participatory performance, installation, and site-specificity in constellation around pressing issues of urban exploration, reclamation, and development. Layers of field recordings, musical loops and voice are composed for temporary installation into six locations throughout the city. Through an emotive channelling of sound Anderson interrogates notions of public and private space as well as our roles as citizens in shaping our collective understanding of these definitions.

Discuss logistics, optimized routes and make reservations to reserve “Low Frequency Travel Agency” kits with the artist on opening night, December 6th. To make a reservation all other times please email: or simply sign up at Black Iris Gallery. Travel dates available from Monday through Friday from 12pm to 2 hours before sunset.