Through A Glass Darkly

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This excerpt of audio documentation is an excerpt that includes sound created with youth-artists during a workshop directed at Marwen School of Art. .

The sound sculpture Through a Glass Darkly consists of two salvaged windows from a building in Chicago. The panes are covered with audio tape which are recordings of the city of Chicago.  Attached to each of the windows is a tape (audio) head that the viewer can use to interactively run through the tapes glued to the windows. This experience of the city challenges the ways in which we normally hear the city and juxtaposes sounds that are segregated by geography, and other social and cultural boundaries and barriers.  Through a Glass Darkly enables the listener through their own agency to vary the pace and explore the city's rich, complex sonic landscape that includes music,work, parks and recreation, business, sport, conversation, transit, protest, and birdsong, and play.

The interface design of Through a Glass Darkly re-purposes audio tape heads salvaged from found tape players. Additional tape (sound) recordings were generated from a workshop directed with youth artists at Marwen School for the Arts. A selection of the youths’ audio work was integrated into the final sculpture. footer