== Em de^ rękxistin +

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This excerpt of audio documentation was created by recordering the summed outputs of a Mackie 1604 mixer,
then mixing a recording made sitting in the installation with a Rode M3 microphone

A collaborative work with designer/artist Bradon Webb, "== Em de^ rękxistin +", is a simulation of an informal sitting room within the gallery space. The simulation consists of: one table, two chairs, four lamps modified to be speakers, electronic hardware, microphones, a computer, and beverages in cups. The table surface is fitted with conductive pieces of copper that will send signals to a computer for the processing of sound. The table retains its functionality, and serves as the interface between human interaction and the computer system. Copper is fitted to the base of cups and provides the conductive element between participant and the table.

The sound generated for the piece is taken from the surrounding environment. There are eight microphones placed in the gallery to collect sound. The sound is an abstraction, but retains familiar characteristics from the source. Furthermore the sound reflects the nature of interaction among the participants at the table.

The system interprets discreet mannerisms of the participant through the gestural movement of a cup on the table's surface. There is not a composition in the traditional sense, merely an open system in which the sound changes highs and lows, speed and decay, filtering, panning, or other environmental effects, defined by the input received by the participants sittingat the table. A re-contextualization of the environment will be created.

The speaker system designed utilizes the enclosures of four small lamps that have been modified, so that instead of projecting light into the space they project sound. The bulbs and casings are removed and replaced with speakers fitted into the empty cavity. The four speakers only give a localized sound to the surrounding area, thus idealizing the 4 channel sound system where the participants sit.

"== Em de^ rękxistin +" is an installation for the promotion of, as well as the meditation on conversation. Designed to create awareness of the environment defined by sensory expectations that are called into question, and secondary elements made primary. "== Em de^ rękxistin +" emphasizes the unspoken interactions that occur within a shared space.