City As Site

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City As Site is an artist residency that took place in the West Side of Chicago in the Little Village/North Lawndale neighborhood in the summer of 2010. Funded in part by the NEA with support from the CPAG. Artist/director, Maria Gaspar.

As an artist in residence, I developed a project that introduced youth to different technologies in order to create sound sculptures that acted as interventions in the urban landscape. Participants’ work was informed by and integrated into an exploration of the surrounding community in order to grapple with the potential of art and art practices to speak to and challenge dominant narratives and structures of everyday life. An understanding of the perception of our shared spaces and histories was interrogated through an exploration of sensory history using writing exercises as an entry point for the examination of collective memory and presumptions about visual signifiers in the city.

Each set of participants worked with a site in the surrounding area that they passed by daily. The site was a place that they wished to alter, change or speak to in some way because of the location's aesthetic, social, or political effect on themselves and the community. Each chosen site was visited and meditated upon daily.