Black Box

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This excerpt of audio documentation was created by recording from within the shipping box. When Black Box reached its destination (Diapason Gallery) the microphone was removed and the output was played from the box.

Black Box is shipped next day delivery from artist (Benjamin Thorp, Chicago residence) to gallery (Diapason Gallery, New York City). The interior of the box is designed to hold the necessary equipment to record and playback the sounds between origin and destination. Once the package reached the gallery, the box is opened, the recording stopped and the playback (sounds of transit) begin. This work presents evidence of the transitory spaces of the making, the packing, the shipping, and the display in the white cube gallery - blurring the distinction between process and object focuses the attention on the periphery aspects of art and life.

Black Box acknowledges, Robert Morris’s Box with the Sound of it's Own Making, which speaks to a certain moment when the artist’s studio was understood as the laboratory generating works of art. Black Box represents the continued greying of that understanding. Our existence; our thoughts, worlds and studios are nomadic, traces of exchanges passing through air. The story of this experience isn’t one of individual presence or the presentation of an single act of production but one meant to record and recognize the many voices, hands, transactions, passages.